Specialty Coffee Roasters in Philadelphia

Get your beans here! This is a list of specialty coffee roasters local to Philly that do single-origin light roasts whose coffeeshops are in or close to Centre City. This list is tailored to my preferences: I make coffee with an Aeropress at home, and I enjoy getting pourover coffee when I’m out.

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Little Shops in Philadelphia

I’ve previously posted about my favourite ice cream shops in Philadelphia, but there’s a ton of other great little shops to visit. Here’s a few that I’ve really liked, sorted into two categories: used bookstores and vintage/oddities. I’ve excluded all food places, including coffeeshops, roasteries, bakeries, dessert shops, grocers, markets, food trucks, and so on, because there are just too many of them.

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Ice Cream Shops in Philadelphia

When I arrived in Philadelphia, I started a Tweet thread of ice cream shops that are or aren’t as good as Rain or Shine back in Vancouver, which was the ice cream place I frequented most often since they have a location on the UBC campus. (I don’t have a thread or a list for ice cream shops in Vancouver, but you really can’t go wrong with Rain or Shine or with Earnest.)

Here I collect a list of the shops that are as good as Rain or Shine, ordered from west to east. Prices are for the smallest (non-kid’s) scoop in a cup, including 8% tax, excluding tip.

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Bridges of Vancouver

For reasons yet fathomable, I’ve decided to cross by foot (almost) all major pedestrian-accessible bridges crossing a body of water in Greater Vancouver. These are, courtesy of this list, as labelled on the following map, and listed as follows, in alphabetical order:

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