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Interesting Problems at Small Values

This post is based on the observation that, in a variety of fields (e.g. logic, computics, mathematics, physics), while certain classes of problems can be parameterized by some natural number n, it appears that the interesting problems―not so simple as to be trivial, but not so complex as to be unsolvable, undecidable, intractable, or nonexistent―always occur at small n. Below is a collection of such problems, describing at which n they are interesting, and how so.

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Thulium: A One-Year Retrospective

A few months ago, on the 15th of April, was the one-year anniversary of ert.space and the Thulium server, still running happily in its desktop tower, now with an extra 2 GB of RAM. Even if I didn’t have the Thulium posts to remind me, I would always have the timely bill for the domain name. Over the past year, a multitude of services and Docker containers have risen and fallen, having been replaced or abandoned or, rarely, taken up a more permanent post. In 2018, I began with the following:

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Ramblings on the Coq Kernel

Back during the summer of 2019, I worked a bit on the Coq kernel. At the same time, I posted a lot of toots on Mastodon about whatever random problems I was encountering. I’ve decided to collect them here, as it might just be that some of these will be useful to me again at some point.

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Bridges of Vancouver

For reasons yet fathomable, I’ve decided to cross by foot (almost) all major pedestrian-accessible bridges crossing a body of water in Greater Vancouver. These are, courtesy of this list, as labelled on the following map, and listed as follows, in alphabetical order:

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Thulium Part 3: Ghost, monitoring, backups, and a summary

This is part 3 of the Thulium series. Go back to part 2 or jump back to part 1.

Exam season has ended, and so too must this story. There are a lot more things I could self-host, but I’ve come to a point where I’m comfortable with the services I’ve set up for myself, and other ideas have larger scales and likely would deserve their own posts (setting up a mail server, for instance).

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