Curriculum Vitæ

ORCID: 0000-0003-0830-3180


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA
PhD in Computer and Information Science, ongoing
Advisor: Stephanie Weirich

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada
MSc. in Computer Science, November 2022
Advisor: William J. Bowman
Sized Dependent Types via Extensional Type Theory
[Thesis] [GitHub] [Slides]

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University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada
BSc. Combined Honours in Computer Science and Physics, May 2020
Advisor: William J. Bowman
Practical Sized Typing for Coq
[Thesis] [GitHub] [Proposal]

  author = {Chan, Jonathan},
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Drafts and Publications

Stratified Type Theory
Jonathan Chan and Stephanie Weirich
In submission for FSCD 2024; presented at NJPLS 2023 @ Princeton University
[arXiv] [GitHub] [Slides] [FSCD draft]

  author = {Chan, Jonathan and Stephanie, Weirich},
  title = {{Stratified Type Theory}},
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  doi = {10.48550/arXiv.2309.12164},
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Internalizing Indistinguishability with Dependent Types
Yiyun Liu, Jonathan Chan, Jessica Shi, and Stephanie Weirich
Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages, 8(POPL), January 2024
[PACMPL] [POPL 2024] [Artifact]

  author = {Liu, Yiyun and Chan, Jonathan and Shi, Jessica and Weirich, Stephanie},
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Is Sized Typing for Coq Practical?
Jonathan Chan, Yufeng (Michael) Li, and William J. Bowman
Journal of Functional Programming, 33(e1), January 2023
[JFP] [ICFP 2023] [arXiv] [GitHub] [Artifact]

  title = {{Is sized typing for Coq practical?}},
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Towards a Syntactic Model of Sized Dependent Types
Jonathan Chan
3rd place finalist at the Student Research Competition @ POPL 2022
[Abstract] [Video + Slides] [Slides (draft)]

  title = {{Towards a Syntactic Model of Sized Dependent Types}},
  author = {Chan, Jonathan},
  url = {},
  year = {2022},
  month = jan,
  key = {SRC}


trivia, or “quizzo” as they call it in Philly
[12 June 2023] [13 March 2023]

Silence of the Vowels, presented at the UDLS @ UBC
[Abstract] [Slides]

Practical Sized Typing for Coq, rejected from POPL 2021
Jonathan Chan, Yufeng (Michael) Li, and William J. Bowman
[Manuscript] [GitHub] [Artifact]

Practical Sized Typing for Coq, rejected from CPP 2020
Jonathan Chan and William J. Bowman
[Manuscript] [GitHub] [Artifact]

Teaching Assistantships

University of Pennsylvania

Course Title Term
CIS 5520 Advanced Programming Fall 2023

University of British Columbia

Course Title Term
CPSC 311 Definition of Programming Languages 2021 Winter 1, 2020 Winter 1
CPSC 312 Functional and Logic Programming 2021 Winter 2
CPSC 303 Numerical Approximation and Discretization 2020 Winter 2


Name Location Role
POPL 2024 London, UK Student volunteer
NJPLS Nov 2023 Princeton, New Jersey, USA Presenter
ICFP 2023 Seattle, Washington, USA Student volunteer & presenter
OPLSS 2022 Eugene, Oregon, USA Attendee
POPL 2022 virtual Participant
OPLSS 2021 virtual Attendee
POPL 2021 virtual Student volunteer
ICFP 2020 virtual Student volunteer
POPL 2020 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA Student volunteer
PLISS 2019 Bertinoro, Italy Attendee

Scholarships and Awards

George M. Ball, Jr. Fellowship (UPenn), 2022
Donor-named fellowships like these provide a one-time $3,000 award, which will be offered to you in the middle of your first semester upon enrollment. This honor and award is in recognition of your outstanding academic accomplishments and research potential.

British Columbia Graduate Scholarship (declined) (UBC), 2022
The province of British Columbia has funded BC Graduate Scholarships (BCGS) in any field of study, with emphasis on research in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields, and support for Indigenous students. The scholarships of $15,000 will be awarded by graduate programs and disciplinary Faculties.

Canada Graduate Scholarship – Master’s, 2021
[Outline of proposed research]
The objective of the Canada Graduate Scholarships – Master’s (CGS M) program is to help develop research skills and assist in the training of highly qualified personnel by supporting students who demonstrate a high standard of achievement in undergraduate and early graduate studies.

CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award Honourable Mention, 2020
[Research summary]
This award program recognizes undergraduate students in North American colleges and universities who show outstanding potential in an area of computing research.

Dean of Science Scholarship (UBC), 2018, 2015
The Dean of Science Scholarship honours the most promising science undergraduate students and are made on the recommendation of the Faculty.

Trek Excellence Scholarship for Continuing Students (UBC), 2018, 2016, 2015
Trek Excellence Scholarships are offered every year to students in the top 5% of their undergraduate year, faculty, and school.

Charles and Jane Banks Scholarship (UBC), 2019, 2017
Scholarships are awarded on the recommendation of the Faculty of Science, to students who have completed at least one year, and are continuing in an undergraduate program.

J. Fred Muir Memorial Scholarship in Science (UBC), 2016
The awards are offered to students in the Faculty of Science on the recommendation of the Faculty.

Golden Key International Honour Society invitation (declined), 2019, 2015
This is a scam for rich people.

Other Work, Mastodon instance
Administrator and Moderator (with @haskal and formerly Tulip)
23 October 2020 – present

Digital Health Innovation Lab, BC Children’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Software Programmer Co-op
May – August 2018

Visier Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada
Software Developer Co-op
May – December 2017

Paragon Testing Enterprises, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Junior Software Developer and Quality Assurance Intern
January – August 2016

Access and Diversity, UBC, Vancouver, BC, Canada
May – August 2015

Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre, Burnaby, BC, Canada
Volunteer Ambassador and Special Events Volunteer
September 2012 – June 2014

Burnaby Newsleader, Burnaby, BC, Canada
Paper delivery route
June 2013 – June 2014