Respooled Film Stocks

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While looking up the various colour films my local photo shops carry, I found that a lot of them are actually respools and repackagings of other film (most Kodak), so I’ve tried to compile that information here to keep track of them all. I’m personally not looking for “experimental” colour films or films that aren’t “true colour”, so I’ve excluded a number of those here, which are mostly:

  • LomoChrome from Lomography
  • RETOCOLOR from RETO Project
  • various from KONO!
  • various from Film Photography Project
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Interesting Problems at Small Values

This post is based on the observation that, in a variety of fields (e.g. logic, computics, mathematics, physics), while certain classes of problems can be parameterized by some natural number nn, it appears that the interesting problems―not so simple as to be trivial, but not so complex as to be unsolvable, undecidable, intractable, or nonexistent―always occur at small nn. Below is a collection of such problems, describing at which nn they are interesting, and how so.

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