Respooled Film Stocks

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While looking up the various colour films my local photo shops carry, I found that a lot of them are actually respools and repackagings of other film (most Kodak), so I’ve tried to compile that information here to keep track of them all. I’m personally not looking for “experimental” colour films or films that aren’t “true colour”, so I’ve excluded a number of those here, which are mostly:

  • LomoChrome from Lomography
  • RETOCOLOR from RETO Project
  • various from KONO!
  • various from Film Photography Project

Kodak’s Vision3 movie film, which comes gigantic spools, is a popular choice for respooling into canisters. The C41 respools have the remjet backing removed so they produce some amount of halation, while the ECN2 respools have not but most photo labs (at least the ones near me) don’t handle it.

Original film C41 respools ECN2 respools
Vision3 500T CineStill 800T, RETO Amber T800, Reflx Lab 800 tungsten, Reformed Night 800, Candido 800, FilmNeverDie UMI 800 (?) Flic Film Cine Colour 500T, Reflx Lab 500T, Silbersaltz35 500T, FilmNeverDie SUIBO 500T
Vision3 200T RETO Amber T200, Reflx Lab 200 tungsten, Candido 200 Flic Film Cine Colour 200T, Reflx Lab 200T, Silbersaltz35 200T, Hitchcock 200T 5213
Vision3 250D CineStill 400D, RETO Amber D400, Reflx Lab 400 daylight, Reformed Day 400, Candido 400, FilmNeverDie SORA 200 (?) Flic Film Cine Colour 250D, Reflx Lab 250D, Silbersaltz35 250D, FilmNeverDie KUMO 250D
Vision3 50D CineStill 50D, RETO Amber D100, Reflx Lab 100 daylight Flic Film Cine Colour 50D, Reflx Lab 50D, Silbersaltz35 50D, Hitchcock 50D 5203

The following are more Kodak films, but not all; those that don’t seem to respooled or repackaged include the Porta series, Ektar 100, and ColorPlus 2001.

Original film Process Respools/repackagings
Aerocolor IV 2460 C41 Flic Film Elektra 100, Reflx Lab Pro 100, CatLABS X Film 100, SantaColor 100, Popho Luminar 100, Film Washi X, Karmir 160
Gold 800 C41 Lomography Color 800, Flic Flim Aurora 800 (?)
UltraMax 400 C41 Fujifilm 400, Lomography Color 400
Gold 200 C41 Fujifilm 200, Lomography Color 200
ProImage 100 C41 Lomography Color 100 (?)
Ektachrome 100D E6 Flic Film Chrome 100, Reflx Lab 100R, Film Photography Project Chrome, FilmNeverDie CHAMELEON 100 (?)

Finally, here are the films that I’ve found, all C41 process, that appear to be genuinely independent of Kodak:

  • ORWO Wolfen NC500
    • Despite the name, this is an ISO 400 film
    • Ilford Ilfocolor 400 is speculated to be a repackaging
  • ORWO Wolfen NC400
  • Harman Phoenix 200

And some further mysteries…

  • KONO! Color 400: I haven’t been able to find any additional information other than what their website says. I can’t even find anyone who’s reviewed it yet, despite having been out since October 2023
  • Zombie 400 by FilmNeverDie and Mr. Negative: both of these brands mostly respool cine film, so I would expect that this is also some sort of repackaging, but I haven’t found any information for this either
  1. Kodak doesn’t even list this one on their website