Curriculum Vitæ


University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada
MSc. in Computer Science, present

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada
BSc. Combined Honours in Computer Science and Physics, May 2020

Research Experience

Practical Sized Typing in Coq, undergraduate honours thesis
Advisor: William J. Bowman
[arXiv] [GitHub] [DOI]

Cool PL Things

Student volunteer at ICFP 2020 (25th ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming) in cyberspace.

Student volunteer at POPL 2020 (47th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages) in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

Attended PLISS 2019 (Second International Programming Language Implementation Summer School) in Bertinoro, Italy.

Scholarships and Awards

CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award Honourable Mention, 2020
This award program recognizes undergraduate students in North American colleges and universities who show outstanding potential in an area of computing research.

Dean of Science Scholarship (UBC), 2018, 2015
The Dean of Science Scholarship honours the most promising science undergraduate students and are made on the recommendation of the Faculty.

Trek Excellence Scholarship for Continuing Students (UBC), 2018, 2016, 2015
Trek Excellence Scholarships are offered every year to students in the top 5% of their undergraduate year, faculty, and school.

Charles and Jane Banks Scholarship (UBC), 2019, 2017
Scholarships are awarded on the recommendation of the Faculty of Science, to students who have completed at least one year, and are continuing in an undergraduate program.

J. Fred Muir Memorial Scholarship in Science (UBC), 2016
The awards are offered to students in the Faculty of Science on the recommendation of the Faculty.

Golden Key International Honour Society invitation (declined), 2019, 2015
This is a scam for rich people.

Work Experience

Department of Computer Science, UBC, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Teaching Assistant (CPSC 311: Definition of Programming Languages)
September – December 2020

Department of Computer Science, UBC, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Teaching Assistant (CPSC 303: Numerical Approximation and Discretization)
January – April 2020

Digital Health Innovation Lab, BC Children’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Software Programmer Co-op
May – August 2018

Visier Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada
Software Developer Co-op
May – December 2017

Paragon Testing Enterprises, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Junior Software Developer and Quality Assurance Intern
January – August 2016

Access and Diversity, UBC, Vancouver, BC, Canada
May – August 2015

Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre, Burnaby, BC, Canada
Volunteer Ambassador and Special Events Volunteer
September 2012 – June 2014

Burnaby Newsleader, Burnaby, BC, Canada
Paper delivery route
June 2013 – June 2014